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Dept of Clinical Oncology

  • Western General Hospital
        Dr Sara Erridge ----- Consultant in Radiation Oncology
        Ms Joanna Kane ----- Senior Radiographer

Department of Psychiatry

  • Murray Perth Hospital
        Dr H Kirk ----- Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist

Dept of Forensic Pathology

  • Edinburgh University Medical School
        Dr Juan Carlos Arango ----- Hon. Senior Lecturer pathology
        Prof Anthony Busuttil ----- Professor of Forensic Pathology
        Prof Gerhard Kernbach-Wighton ----- Hon Senior Lecturer Pathology

Dept of Medicine for the Elderly

  • Woodend General Hospital
        Dr Steven Hamilton ----- Consultant Physician
  • Stracathro Hospital
        Dr Ian Gillanders ----- Consultant Physician/Geriatrician
  • Hairmyres Hospital
        Dr B MacInnes ----- Consultant Geriatrician
        Dr B Martin ----- Consultant Geriatrician
        Dr Brigitte Yip ----- Consultant Geriatrician
  • Western General Hospital
        Dr Sarah Keir ----- Consultant Geriatrician
  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary
        Dr Peter Langhorne ----- Senior Lecturer
        Prof David Stott ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr Jacqueline Taylor ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr Fiona Wright ----- Consultant Physician
  • Stobhill NHS Trust
        Dr Pamela Fraser ----- Consultant physician
        Dr Christine McAlpine ----- Consultant Physician
  • Victoria Infirmary
        Dr M Roberts ----- Consultant Physician
  • Victoria Hospital
        Dr Vera Cvoro ----- Consultant physician
  • Borders General Hospital
        Dr Paul Syme ----- Consultant Stroke Physician
  • Lorn & Islands District General Hospital
        Dr H Fattah ----- Consultant Physician
  • Caithness General Hospital
        Dr Intesar Malik ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr Shukri Ramadan ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr Tim Shallcross ----- Consultant Physician

Dept of Medicine

  • Falkirk & District Royal Infirmary
        Dr Omar Ahmed ----- Consultant neurologist
        Dr Linda Buchanan ----- Consultant in General Medicine
  • Western Infirmary
        Mr Kevin Kelly ----- Epilepsy nurse specialist
  • Raigmore Hospital
        Dr Paul Findlay ----- Consultant Physician
  • St John's Hospital
        Dr D Farquhar ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr Katherine Jackson ----- Associate Specialist Stroke Physician
        Dr Scott Ramsay ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr J Wilson ----- Consultant Physician

Dept of Medicine & Therapeutics

  • Western Infirmary
        Prof Martin Brodie ----- Prof Medicine & Clin Pharmacology

MRC Molecular Medicine Centre

  • Western General Hospital
        Prof Mary Porteous ----- Consultant Clinical Geneticist

Dept of Neuropathology

  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
        Dr James MacKenzie ----- Consultant Neuropathologist
  • Western General Hospital
        Prof James Ironside ----- Consultant Neuropathologist
        Dr Colin Smith ----- Neuropathologist
  • Institute of Neurological Sciences
        Dr Susan Robinson ----- Consultant Neuropathologist

Dept of Neurophysiology

  • Western General Hospital
        Dr Greg Moran ----- Consultant Neurophysiologist
  • Institute of Neurological Sciences
        Dr Arup Mallik ----- Consultant Neurophysiologist
        Dr Cameron Mann ----- Consultant Neurophysiologist
        Dr Rengathanan Radahkrishnan ----- Consultant Neurophysiologist
        Dr Aline Russell ----- Consultant Neurophysiologist

Dept of Neuroradiology

  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
        Dr Alison Murray ----- Senior Lecturer in Radiology
        Dr Shona Olson ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Olive Robb ----- Consultant Neuroadiologist
  • Ninewells Hospital
        Dr Avinash Kanodia ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Prof Graeme Houston ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Gavin Main ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr John Tainsh ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Ian Zealley ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Priya Nair ----- Registrar in Radiology
  • Western General Hospital
        Dr Andrew Farrall ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Peter Keston ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr David Summers ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Rod Gibson ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Mr Brian Innes ----- Superintendent Radiographer Angio
        Dr Susan Kealey ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Robin Sellar ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Prof Joanna Wardlaw ----- Professor of Neuroradiology
        Dr Phil White ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
  • Institute of Neurological Sciences
        Dr C Santosh ----- Consultant radiologist
        Dr Jo Bhattacharya ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Prof Donald Hadley ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Sarah Jenkins ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr David Kean ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Aslam Siddiqui ----- Consultant Neuroradiololgist
        Mr Stuart Sloss ----- Neuroimaging Administrator
        Dr Evelyn Teasdale ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Ahmed Iqbal ----- SpR in neuroradiology
  • Newcastle General Hospital
        Dr Daniel Birchall ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr David Butteriss ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Anil Gholkar ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Vijay Jayakrishnan ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
        Dr Dipayan Mitra ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist

Dept of Rehabilitation

  • Stirling Royal Infirmary
        Dr Robert Prempeh ----- Consultant In Neurological Rehabilitaion

Dept of Neurology

  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
        Dr Richard Coleman ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Carl Counsell ----- Senior Lecturer in Neurology
        Dr Callum Duncan ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Linda Gerrie ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Gillian Hall ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Margaret-Ann Macleod ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr John Reid ----- Consultant Stroke Neurologist
        Dr Elizabeth Visser ----- SpR in Neurology
  • Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary
        Dr Uwe Spelmeyer ----- Consultant Neurologist
  • Ninewells Hospital
        Dr Craig Heath ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Jonathan O'Riordan ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Richard Roberts ----- Reader in Neurology
        Dr Gillian Stewart ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Robert Swingler ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Kathleen White ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Peter Foley ----- SpR in neurology
  • Queen Margaret Hospital
        Dr Myles Connor ----- Consultant Neurologist
  • Western General Hospital
        Prof Rustam Al-Shahi Salman ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Prof Siddharthan Chandran ----- Professor of Neurology
        Dr Richard Davenport ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Susan Duncan ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Robin Grant ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Prof Richard Knight ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Colin Mumford ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Prof Peter Sandercock ----- Professor of Neurology
        Dr Cathie Sudlow ----- Senior lecturer
        Dr Belinda Weller ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Prof R Will ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Anna Williams ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Nolan Arulraj ----- SpR Stroke Physician
        Dr Chris Derry ----- SpR in neurology
        Dr Russell Hewett ----- SpR in Neurology
        Dr David Hunt ----- SpR In Neurology
        Dr Colin Josephson ----- Research Fellow
        Dr Stephen Makin ----- Stroke Research Fellow
        Dr Suvankar Pal ----- SpR in neurology, ward 31
        Dr Neshika Samarasekera ----- Registrar in neurology
        Dr Ralph Thomas ----- Neurology Research Fellow
        Dr William Whiteley ----- Neurology SpR, Ward 31
  • Institute of Neurological Sciences
        Dr Tracey Baird ----- Consultant neurologist
        Dr Rod Duncan ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr William Durward ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Maria Elena Farrugia ----- Locum Consultant Neurologist
        Dr George Gorrie ----- Consultant neurologist
        Dr John Greene ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Donald Grosset ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Prof Peter Kennedy ----- Professor of Neurology
        Dr John Leach ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Richard Metcalfe ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Keith Muir ----- Senior Lecturer in Neurology
        Dr Fowzia Nazir ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Colin O'Leary ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr James Overell ----- Consultant neurologist
        Dr Richard Petty ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Rachel Thomas ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr A Tyagi ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Hugh Willison ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Katie Brennan ----- SpR in Neurology
        Dr Sarah Cooper ----- SpR in neurology
        Dr Krishna Dani ----- Research Fellow
        Dr Zuzana Dean ----- Neurology SpR
        Dr Shan Ellawela ----- ST4 in Neurology
        Dr Vicky Marshall ----- SpR neurology
        Dr Sarah Miller ----- ST6
        Dr Ian Morrison ----- ST6
        Dr Edward Newman ----- ST5
        Dr Pushkar Shah ----- Specialist registrar
        Dr Kate Taylor ----- Specialist Registrar
  • Raigmore Hospital
        Dr Patrick Fox ----- ConsultantNeurophysiology
        Dr Bethany Jones ----- Consultant Neurologist
  • Victoria Hospital
        Dr Martin Zeidler ----- Consultant Neurologist
  • Forth Valley Royal Hospital
        Dr Malcolm Macleod ----- Consultant Neurologist
        Dr Christian Neumann ----- Consultant Neurologist
  • St John's Hospital
        Dr Jon Stone ----- Consultant Neurologist
  • Borders General Hospital
        Dr David Simpson ----- Consultant Neurologist

Dept of Neurosurgery

  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
        Mr Syed Al-Haddad ----- Consultant neurosurgeon
        Mr Pragnesh Bhatt ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr David Currie ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr Mahmoud Kamel ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr Emmanuel Labram ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Ninewells Hospital
        Mr Eric Ballantyne ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Prof Sam Eljamel ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr David Mowle ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
  • Western General Hospital
        Mr Michael Fitzpatrick ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr Ioannis Fouyas ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Miss Lynn Myles ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr Jerard Ross ----- Consultant neurosurgeon
        Mr Patrick Statham ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Prof Ian Whittle ----- Professor of Surgical Neurology
        Ms Helen Cook ----- Clinical Nurse Practitioner in NS
        Ms Fiona Hughes ----- Clinical Nurse Practitioner in NS
        Ms Wendy Young ----- Clinical Nurse Practitioner in NS
        Mr Pete Bodkin ----- SpR neurosurgery
        Mr Paul Brennan ----- SpR Neurosurgery
        Mr Mano Shanmuganathan ----- SpR neurosurgery
        Mr Himanshu Shekhar ----- Neurusurgeon Registrar
        Mr Neo Stavrinos ----- Staff grade in neurosurgery
  • Institute of Neurological Sciences
        Mr L Alakandy ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr Philip Barlow ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr Laurence Dunn ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Miss Patricia Littlechild ----- Consultant Neurosurgeon
        Mr Jerome St George ----- Consultant neurosurgeon
        Ms Maziar Behebani ----- SpR neurosurgeon
        Ms Emer Campbell ----- SpR neurosurgery
        Mr Imran Liaquat ----- SpR neurosurgeon
        Mr Calan Mathieson ----- SpR neurosurgery
        Mr Neil Simms ----- SpR neurosurgery
        Mr Mark White ----- SpR neurosurgeon

No department recorded

  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary
        Dr Fiona Mackenzie ----- Consultant Obstetrician

Dept of Radiology

  • Woodend General Hospital
        Prof Francis Smith ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Monkland District General
        Dr Ken Wallers ----- Clinical Director, Radiology
  • The Ayr Hospital
        Dr Mark Ablett ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Stracathro Hospital
        Dr John Tainsh ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Cumberland Infirmary
        Dr J Edge ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr R England ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr F Fallahi ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr P Jennings ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary
        Dr Margaret Aird ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Ninewells Hospital
        Dr Harinath Chandrashekar ----- Consultant Neuroradiologist
  • Hairmyres Hospital
        Dr Jenny Ballantyne ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Gillian Harold ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Navin Mathias ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Donna Edwards ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Alastair Forrester ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Fiona Gardner ----- Clinical Director, Radiology
        Dr Fong Lau ----- College Tutor
        Dr Clifford Murch ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
        Dr Dilip Patel ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Tom Fitzgerald ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Graham McKillop ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr Gray's Hospital
        Dr Sandy Forbat ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Ken Brown ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Falkirk & District Royal Infirmary
        Dr Emma Beveridge ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Raj Burgul ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Robert Johnstone ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Louise Stewart ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Gartnavel General Hospital
        Dr Desmond Alcorn ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Glasgow Royal Infirmary
        Dr Allan Reid ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Giles Roditi ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Southern General Hospital
        Dr Alan Ramsay ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Stobhill NHS Trust
        Dr Fiona Bryden ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Helen Griffiths ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Alastair McCafferty ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Ian Mcleod ----- Clinical Director, Radiology
        Dr John Shand ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Rhona Stevens ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Victoria Infirmary
        Dr John Calder ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Andrew Downie ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Mike Gronski ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Ian McLaughlin ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Western Infirmary
        Dr Ed Kalkman ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Nigel McMillan ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Inverclyde Royal Hospital
        Dr P Walsh ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Raigmore Hospital
        Dr John Miller ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr George Aitken ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr David Goff ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr A Macleod ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr David Nichols ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Helen Shannon ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Alistair Todd ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Crosshouse Hospital
        Dr Morag McMillan ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Elspeth Lindsay ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr David Rawlings ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Victoria Hospital
        Dr Bill Reid ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • St John's Hospital
        Dr Sarah Chambers ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Borders General Hospital
        Dr Luis Ferrando ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr David Hardwick ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Hamish McRitchie ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Andrew Pearson ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr J Reid ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital
        Dr Alan Wallace ----- Consultant Radiologist
  • Perth Royal Infirmary
        Dr Richard Murray ----- Clinical Director, Radiology
  • Wishaw General Hospital
        Dr John Addison ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr B Macpherson ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr Manoj Mohan ----- Consultant radiologist
        Dr Muhammed Rashid ----- Consultant radiologist
        Dr Susan Reid ----- Consultant Radiologist
        Dr John Roberts ----- Clinical Director

Stroke Unit

  • Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
        Dr Mary Macleod ----- Senior Lecturer
        Dr J Webster ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr S Wilkinson ----- Consultant in Geriatric Medicine
  • Ninewells Hospital
        Dr Alex Doney ----- Consultant Stroke Physician
        Dr Ronald MacWalter ----- Consultant Stroke Physician
  • Queen Margaret Hospital
        Dr Nicola Chapman ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr John McKenzie ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr Sue Pound ----- Consultant Physician
  • Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
        Dr Andrew Coull ----- Consultant stroke physician
        Dr Simon Hart ----- Consultant stroke physician
        Dr Gillian Mead ----- Consultant Stroke Physician
  • Western General Hospital
        Prof Martin Dennis ----- Prof of Stroke Medicine
        Dr Fergus Doubal ----- Research fellow (neurovascular)
        Dr Enda Kerr ----- SpR in Stroke medicine, ward 55
  • Western Infirmary
        Dr Jesse Dawson ----- Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology
        Prof Gordon McInnes ----- Professor of Medicine
        Dr Scott Muir ----- Senior lecturer in clinical pharmacology
        Dr Pamela Seenan ----- Consultant geriatrician
        Dr Matthew Walters ----- Reader in Medicine
  • Lorn & Islands District General Hospital
        Dr Fiona Johnson ----- Consultant Physcian
  • Royal Alexandra Hospital
        Dr Lindsay Erwin ----- Consultant Physician
  • Perth Royal Infirmary
        Dr John Harper ----- Consultant Physician
        Dr Stuart Johnston ----- Consultant Physician

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