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SAIVMs is part of the NHS Scotland National Audit Programme. The National Audit Manager (Diana Beard) and/or the National Services Scotland Caldicott Guardian (Rod Muir) attend the SAIVMs Steering Committee meetings, and have assessed the methods of the register.

The register employs a very similar design to several other national audits, and in particular it uses the same mechanism of information provision and opt out consent employed by other audits (such as the Scottish Renal Register).
The audit core of SIVMS -- which preceded SAIVMs -- had ethical approval from the MREC for Scotland (MREC/98/0/48), and approval from the Privacy Advisory Committee of NHS National Services Scotland.

SAIVMs has also been considered and approved by a variety of other organisations:

  • The Chief Medical Officer of NHS Scotland
  • NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
  • Scottish Association of Neurological Sciences
  • Stroke Association
  • Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland
  • AVM Support UK
  • Angioma Alliance UK

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